Competition Information

South Brisbane Indoor Hockey Association ('Vipers') is committed to running its indoor hockey competitions in quarter 4 2020, subject to COVID-19 Health advice.

Team nominations will open on Monday 14 September, with a proposed season starting the week of 5 October 2020.

Competitions 2020

Women's A - Tuesday

Women’s B/C - Thursday

 Senior Social Mixed – Friday (Competitive & Social)

 Juniors 1/2 Court – Saturday

Men's - Saturday Social

Juniors Boys/Girls/Mixed Full Court -Sunday

U25 Mixed, Men's Full Court – Sunday


Tuesday 6 October to Thursday 10 December 2020

Eagles Sport Centre, FR Caterson Park, Weedon St W, Mansfield 


 Match times:

Tuesday Women’s A (10 week) – 8:10pm; 8:55pm, 9:40pm.

Thursday Women's B/C (10 week) - 6.40pm; 7.22pm; 8.05pm; 8.47pm; 9.30pm. 

Friday Mixed (8 week) – Competitive & Social 6.40pm; 7.22pm; 8.05pm; 8.47pm; 9.30pm.

Saturday Juniors (7 week) - 1/2 court – Graded for 5 to 14-year old’s
                                                - 2.00pm; 2:45pm; 3:30pm; 4:15pm; 5:00pm; 5.45pm.

Saturday Social Men (8 week) – 6.00pm; 6:45pm.

Sunday Juniors (8 week) - Full court (times and divisions subject to change after affiliations)

     U15/U17 Boys – Graded 8.00am; 8:45am; 9.30am.

     U15/U17 Mixed – Graded 10:15am; 11.00am; 11:45am; 12.30pm.

     U15/U17 Girls – Graded 1:15pm; 2.00pm; 2:45pm; 3:30pm.

Sunday U25 Mixed (8 week) – 4.15pm; 5.00pm; 5.45pm

Sunday Men (8 week) - 6.30pm; 7.15pm       


*Note: should the season be affected by COVID-19 restrictions, there will be a fee adjustment.

     Half-court season $60 per player per team

     Saturday Social Men Full-court season $100 per player 

     Fri/Sat/Sun Full-court season $100 per player per team

     Tue/Thurs Full-court season $125 per player per team

     Full-court 4 game casual $55 per player per team

     ALL PLAYERS MUST ALSO PAY Hockey Australia / Hockey QLD Indoor Registration fees which vary from [$17] to [$40] based on age and whether you have already paid for outdoor this year.

     Each player will be responsible for paying fees at the time of member nomination.

     HA/HQ fees required up front.  SBIHA fees can be paid up front or by payment plan.

     Players playing in multiple teams will need to pay multiple season fees.

     Any player must be financial before taking the court.


     Team nominations {team name, shirt colour, day, preferred division, team player list} to be submitted by a team manager by email to 

     Team nominations closing date extended to 1 October 2020.

     Teams require a minimum of 7 registered full-time players. Casual full-court players pro-rata 50% towards player count.  Please contact Vipers if you need extra players.

     SBIHA member registration will open once team nomination is complete and your manager has been advised of team acceptance.

     Individuals who wish to join a team should contact

     We will endeavour to send your information to a team for you to join. 

Umpires and Technical Officials: 

     Badged umpires will be paid $15.00 per game for full field games and $8.00 per game for a half field.  Unbadged umpires will be paid $12.00 per game for full field and $8.00 per game for a half field. 

     All payments will be made at the end of the season.

     Umpire draw will be distributed weekly from the pool of nominated umpires. 

     For Senior Women’s/Mixed/Men competitions, each team must supply a volunteer to sit on the tech bench as per draw to assist with scoring.

     Junior fixtures will have an allocated paid tech official for both full field and half field games.


     Facility - FIH specified field, fully licensed bar and canteen, spectator seating.

Children aged 14 years and over are permitted to participate in the senior competitions. Exceptions may be made for younger players at the committee’s discretion if they play on a team with their parent/guardian or have achieved a state representation level.

     6 players per team on the field including goalie.

     Substitute players are in accordance with local rules.  

     Friday Senior Mixed, Full Court Mixed Juniors & U25 mixed teams are limited to 2 male players on the court at any one-time excluding goalkeeper or can be an all-female team.

     Games - 2 x 18-minute halves, 2* or 3 minutes half time and 4* or 6 minutes between games (* Tuesday, Thursday, Friday night games)

     Each team should have a fully kitted goalkeeper.  All COVID policies need to be adhered to in relation to goalkeeping equipment.

     Each team should supply their own warm up indoor balls.

     Shin pads and mouth guards are compulsory for juniors and highly recommended for senior.

     Players are to wear non-marking sports shoes and must use an indoor hockey stick to help protect our wooden floor.

     Team Colour: Teams must play with a uniform team colour (t-shirt).

     Half Court Matches, with the exception of the highest grade, will have an additional local rule whereby goalkeepers must defend on their feet and shots on goal cannot be above knee height of any player between the shot and frame of the goal.  Transgression by the goalie will result in a penalty corner, transgression by an attacker to result in a free push to the defending team.  NB: Raised shots on goal are permitted in the highest Saturday half court grade. However, note as per FIH 2019 13.3 J – a ball above the knee striking a player within 3m of the shot on goal from a penalty corner is deemed to be dangerous play and results in a free push to the defensive team.


There will be opportunities for junior players to be selected for representative teams in U13, U15, U18 divisions.