Sunday Juniors and U25 Mixed

Sunday is a full-court day. Graded junior teams, U25 mixed and open men's competitions are held.

Times and divisions depend of registrations.
Mixed teams limit male field players to two.

Some boys divisions permit girls.
Some girls divisions permit mixed teams.

Season 2020 was as follows:
7:15 U15 Boys
8:00 U15 Boys
8:45 U17 Boys/Mixed
9:30 U17 Boys/Mixed
10:15 U17 Boys/Mixed
11:00 U17-3 Girls/Mixed
11:45 U17-3 Girls/Mixed
12:30 U17-4 Girls/Mixed
13:15 U17-4 Girls/Mixed
14:00 U17-2 Girls/Mixed
14:45 U17-2 Girls/Mixed
15:30 U17-1 Girls/Mixed
16:15 U17-1 Girls/Mixed
17:00 U25 Mixed
17:45 U25 Mixed
18:30 U25 Mixed
19:15 Open Mens
20:00 Open Mens
20:45 Open Mens